Creditworthiness – check out the most popular myths

Creditworthiness is a concept that is extremely common today. His popularity is fully understood. At a time when people are increasingly using consumer credit and loans, they must be credible with the lender. It is known, however, that a lot of incorrect and false information has accumulated in the meantime around this issue. We will try to refute all myths about creditworthiness.

Creditworthiness – definition

Creditworthiness - definition

Before starting further considerations, you need to determine what the password has been so popular in recent times. It refers to the possibilities of repayment of a liability towards a bank or other financial institution to a person who takes out a credit or loan in it.

It is important, after all, that the financial liability be repaid on the appropriate date set by the bank. That is why, as borrowers, we are checked according to scoring to help determine if we can manage the debt. Now that you know what creditworthiness is, let’s look at the false information about it.

Each financial institution verifies the customer in the same way

We often hear in advertisements that everyone with whom we want to borrow money will verify us using the same tools. However, this statement is not true. It is well known that there are several different business registers on the Polish market. You can put information about a person in each of them, but hardly anyone does.

Most often only one is used. Therefore, for one financial company we will be suitable customers, and for the other we will turn out to be insolvent. This is because each company has its own internal rules and regulations which it guides in its preparatory proceedings.

It is important based on what contract we perform the work

It is important based on what contract we perform the work

The time has come when scoring no longer points so much to employment contracts. This became less relevant at a time when more and more people work on the basis of a mandate contract or a specific task contract. Fortunately, such contracts are not an obstacle for the borrower.

If we present relevant documents confirming the performance of work in the last few months, we have a good chance of receiving an injection of money. It will be even better if the contracts are concluded for a longer period. Then we gain greater certainty that we will obtain the desired amount.

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