Loan without official income

There are countless people who do not have a formal employment relationship and therefore no formal income. Lack of official income means that it is not always possible for these people to get a loan from a credit institution. But what to do when a loan is really needed – is a loan without official income a reality?

If you need a loan that is less than a couple of hundred lats, one of the quick loans on the Internet can help. Direct credit is a loan that can also be obtained by persons who have no official income, but it is granted only if the funds available to the person are sufficient to repay the loan.

Quick credit without formal income is available from the age of 18 , even for young people who may have never started a job, and their financial means are provided by parents, a social benefit or study grant.


Quick credit is also available for unemployed people

Quick credit is also available for unemployed people

Even if the job has just been lost or the person has been out of work for a long time. It all depends not only on how much a person’s monthly income is, but also on their credit history – all previous credit transactions.

How much can you borrow? Quick credit is usually quite limited the first time around – from $ 5 to $ 100 or $ 200 on average. This credit limit is only valid for the first time you borrow – if you re-borrow, you may be able to offer a larger amount of credit to an existing customer. If you want a great cash loan – get your first loan for free. Free credit will ensure that you have to pay back just as much as you borrow at the time of repayment!


How much to borrow?

How much to borrow?

You have to find the answer – choose the amount that is appropriate for your situation, one that will not be difficult to repay. Loan without official income – appropriate to each individual’s ability. When borrowing a quick loan, there is a possibility of extending its repayment term, which is useful in situations where the shortage of financial resources is slightly delayed and it takes extra time to arrange the amount of money to be repaid.

What is the purpose people use most for fast credit? Lenders do not have this information because they do not need to provide a reason for borrowing. But various customer surveys show that people borrow at the urgency of various emergencies – when money is needed immediately.

The Credit Comparison Chart looks for today’s top lenders that offer quick loans to different people, different situations – different needs! Borrow responsibly, credit appropriate to your economic situation!

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